Wednesday, October 19, 2011

29 - Backes Group’s Best PS Continuity

In our BlogPost 11, back in April, we introduced you to the work of Backes Graphic Productions, in Princeton, New Jersey, as the contractor for PS Magazine creative art, design, and pre-press services, by presenting their four best Front Covers as selected by the New Millennium staff of PS.

The Backes Group produced 151 issues of PS Magazine, from PS 428 (July 1988) through PS 578 (January 2001). Their contract-run, at this point in time, is second only to Will Eisner's 21 years and 227 issues. Joe Kubert, the current PS artist, is closing the gap, though, being well into his eleventh year, which will be completed with PS 711 in February of 2012.

Jack and Diane Backes were the owners, with Diane also working on page layouts. Their production manager was Mark "Sparky" Dobrowolski and the lead artist for most of those years was Scott Madsen. Other artists were Augie Scotto (who had worked with Murphy Anderson), Vic Scarpelli, and Brian Orlowski. Staff members were Saronda Stevens, Karen Mamo, and Allison Backes.

The staff at PS picked the continuity from PS 525 (August 1996), “Nothing More Important Than…,” as the best by Backes. The centerspread mini-poster is displayed above. The other six pages of the continuity are displayed in sequence, below.

We will present the Backes runner-up in our next BlogPost.



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