Wednesday, May 8, 2013

36 — New Offices for ‘PS Magazine’ Staff

PS Magazine staff operations recently moved into new offices in this recently refurbished building on Redstone Arsenal (Huntsville, Alabama). The space allocated to the publication’s activities faces the second set of windows from the near-front corner of the building pictured above.

PS has been located at Redstone Arsenal since June of 1993. Its move there followed a four-step circuitous routing from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland (June 1951-January 1956) to Raritan Arsenal, New Jersey (January 1967-October 1962) to Fort Knox, Kentucky (October 1962 to July 1973) to Lexington-Blue Grass Army Depot (July 1973 to June 1993).

The picture below shows the general PS Magazine office area.

Stuart Henderson, PS production manager, is pictured, at right, in his new space, and, below, escorting visitors through the new publication offices.


The picture below shows the spacious access way outside the PS offices.

These photos were made available through the courtesy of Creed Henderson, Stuart’s son.

An interesting footnote—for the first time since the autumn of 1953, the PS Magazine editor (Jon Pierce, ninth in the succession of editors) has an honest-to-goodness real office, door and all! Sixty years ago, Jim Kidd, as editor, and I, as his managing editor, made a drastic and deliberate change to the then existing culture of the publication by converting the office layout to a newsroom “bullpen” arrangement (as I described in detail in Will Eisner and PS Magazine).

The PS program continues as an element of the US Army Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA), under the US Army Materiel Command, all located at Redstone Arsenal.



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