Friday, March 18, 2011

7 - 105 Artists Identified with 'PS' Over 60 Years

We're running a little late, folks! A funny thing happened on the way to pulling the trigger on this blogpost. In a period of three days (and right on deadline, of course), the number of persons identified as PS Magazine art contractors and their personnel grew from 33 to 55 to 105!

Combined searches by the New Millennium staff at PS, the Joe Kubert shop, and Yours Truly in research for three books, have now identified 105 individuals as having been involved with PS over 703 issues and 60 years in some aspect: creative art, technical art, incidental art, layout and design, and other pre-press production steps.

They are listed here in alphabetical order. There is no connection between their location on these blog pages and any adjacent art. All the art presented in this posting is from the early Will Eisner era of PS production. The Front Cover and Back Cover immediately below are from PS 26 (November 1954). The two-color (black-plus-blue) art in this posting is a selection of some of the incidental "scatter" art in PS 100 (March 1961). The two four-color grabs at the end of this blog are from the Continuity in PS 115 (June 1962)

If you wish a more definitive chronological fix regarding a specific individual, you may wish to cross-reference our earlier BlogPost-3 regarding the eight art contractors who have provided creative and production services for PS since its beginning, or, consult Will Eisner and PS Magazine.

If you feel that you should have been included in this list, please shoot us an email (see Contact Us in this blog's Sidebar), giving the dates and nature of your PS services. We'll endeavor to make amends in successive addenda.

The 105 confirmed to date are displayed below.


Alfredo Alcala

Helen Anderson

Murphy Anderson

Sophie Anderson

Murphy Anderson III

John Atherton

Allison Backes

Diane Backes

Jack Backes

Charlie Bast

Michelle Beauchamp

Michael Bonner

Gabe Bridwell

Howard Be


Brian Buniak

Ted Cabarga

Carole Callicoat

Pete Carlsson

Jack Carter

Frank Chiramonte

Robert Clark, Jr

John Coleman

Steward Dahlberg

Ben Dale

Craig Daniels

Mark "Sparky" Dobrowolski

Simon Drohen

Teresa Ehbinger

Kevin English

Renee Fahri

Steve Finley

Creig Flessel

Michelle Fleury

John Florio

Gayle Fountain

Gary Fresno

John Galvin

Don Gidley

Ted Hall

Bob Hardin

Stuart Henderson

Rey Hernandez

J. Steven High

Daryl Issacs

George Johnson

Greg Johnson

Kris Johnson

Peggy Johnson

Jeff Jonas

Rosie Jones

Bonnie Kaley

Bonnie Kaley

Joe Ketterer

Jeff Kidd

Chuck Kramer

Joe Kubert

Camilla Lase

Mike Leone

Charlotte Little

Scott Madsen

Glen Malecki

Karen Mamo

Maurie Manning

Brian McMurdo

Sherry Melville

Dave Miley

Rob Miskovic

Tom Moon

Malane Newman

Ken Nishiye

Chee Yang Ong

Brian Orlowski

Joe Panico

J.P. Pennyman

Sind Piantek

Mike Ploog

Marie Popovitch

Chris Prievo

Cliff Rathburn

Fabio Redivo

Tom Redmon

Ismael Sanchez

Adrianne Sardella

Mark Sasway

Steve Sawyer

Vic Scarpelli

Augie Scotto

Jan Sims

Jerry Smith

Dan Speigle

Bob Sprinsky

Saronda Stevens

Brett Uher

Giovanni Valletta

Robert VanHook

Gus Velez

James Watson

Jim Webb

Sonya Wheelwright

Charles Wilson III

Luis Wong

Tom Wyskloski

Emi Yonemura

Zeke Zekely

Dan Zolnerowich


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