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21 - Army’s Grand 60th Birthday Party for PS: Part B

Come on in and meet the current PS Magazine Staff!

That’s what Joe and I did, down at Redstone Arsenal, following the impressive U.S. Army ceremony marking the 60th Anniversary of the trail-blazing sequential art success story that is internationally acclaimed for effectively communicating motivational and technical information.

The image above, presenting Master Sergeant Half-Mast and his mantra, is one of many life-size displays that spiced the setting of the celebration.

We were put to work the moment we stepped into the PS digs in the Sparkman Center at Redstone, signing over-sized posters related to the day’s festivities. The image below (that’s Joe, on the right) shows us in the Editor’s Corner, tackling the task under the watchful eye of this year’s PS Summer Intern, Ms. Eryn Patton.

Displays reflecting PS covers, characters and milestones were encountered at every turn. The two images below present some of the coverage provided by the post newspaper, the Redstone Rocket, in connection with publication of my Will Eisner and PS Magazine.

The treat of the trip came when Acting Editor (and Managing Editor) Jon Pierce invited Joe, Joe’s right-hand man Pete Carlsson, my son Clay, and me to join a staff meeting that involved a token brush-by acknowledgment of “back in the day” and then a big batch of looking down the road ahead.

Interactions involving totally credentialed professionals, displaying fully formed and widely disparate personalities, demonstrated both tenacity and reciprocal respect. I sat there with little doubt that a session involving today’s staffers in a meeting to resolve pencil-dummy differences would carry me back over six decades to recall some of the unrestrained enthusiasms of their predecessors.

The most enlightening of the exchanges were those involving Joe and the staffers, relating to the essentiality of accuracy and scale in visual reference materials provided to Joe’s shop. It had an old, familiar ring to it.

Not so familiar, though, was the demonstrated commitment to online availability and essence-of-the-moment use of electronic social media.

Clay took nearly 100 photos of the day’s events, including multiple views of the staff meeting. We’ve selected the four images displayed below to give you a visual introduction to every member of today’s PS staff, with a numeric-keyed link to names and assignments.


The warmth with which Pete and I were greeted was most gratifying. And getting together with Fitz and his son, Clay, was a great deal more than pleasurable.

Meeting and speaking directly to the PS Staff put the ribbon on the whole package. The session confirmed our dedication to produce our best efforts, knowing the benefits derived. Pete and I returned to New Jersey firm in our belief that our guys in the Army will continue to benefit from the info contained in every monthly issue of PS.


PS Staff Meeting

June 27, 2001

Numeric Key for Identifications

1 Adams, Glen—Senior Writer for Small Arms, Missiles and CBRN.

2 Andree, Dan—Senior Media Specialist.

3 Brent, Ms. Juanetta—Senior Writer for Wheeled Vehicles.

4 Carlsson, Pete—Joe Kubert’s Executive Officer

5 Chase, Frank—Senior Writer for Aviation articles.

6 Cotton, Bruce—Senior Writer for Combat Vehicles.

7 Fitzgerald, Paul E.—First Managing Editor of PS (1953-1963).

8 Franck, Michael—Tank-Automotive Command (TACOM) liaison and Senior Writer for Combat Engineering Equipment and MRAP/Route Clearance Vehicles.

9 Henderson, Ms. Mary Lou—Wife of Production Manager Stuart Henderson.

10 Henderson, Stuart—Production Manager.

11 Kubert, Joe—Current contractor for PS creative art, design, and pre-press production services.

12 McAllister, Ms. Patricia—Senior Writer for Logistics Management

13 Nickerson, Lynn C. ("L.C.") Nickerson—Senior Researcher and Reader Service Facilitator.

14 Pierce, Jonathan W.—Managing Editor and Acting Editor.

15 Stringfellow, Michael—Senior Writer for Commo and Soldier Support.


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