Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 - Backes Group’s Runner-Up PS Continuity

You’ll find background information regarding Backes Graphic Productions and their artists in our BlogPost 11, back in April, with their four best Front Covers as selected by the New Millennium staff of PS. Their “best” Continuity was displayed in our BlogPost 29, immediately preceding this posting.

The staff at PS picked the cowboy-western themed continuity from PS 527 (October 1996) as their runner-up. The related Front Cover is presented above, and the Continuity pages, in sequence, are displayed below.

The lead artist here probably was Scott Madsen. Scott was a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. When I interviewed him for Will Eisner and PS Magazine, Scott had moved away from his art career, but still had strong feelings about the effectiveness of PS and its importance to America’s warriors. “You’re part of something that’s a lot bigger than yourself,” Scott remarked. “PS provided opportunities to surprise yourself,” he said.

Madsen expressed a preference for drawing Half-Mast, from the PS cast of characters, saying that he found the grizzled, old sergeant “more flexible than Connie or Bonnie.”



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