Monday, March 26, 2012

34 – Video: Fitz Describes Early PS Perils, Challenges, and Near Crib-Death

My invitation to participate (above) in the official U.S. Army celebration of PS Magazine’s 60th Anniversary on June 27, 2011, at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama, included the request that I address the early trials and tribulations of that famous publication, “back in the day.” That was a tough task, considering the parameters of time and propriety.

Viewed through the prism of fifty intervening years, the precarious period in which PS tottered close to being strangled in its crib and then struggled through an almost probationary continuance is readily understandable. In the fifth and early-sixth decade of the last century, PS itself was marching through unmapped conceptual terrain while tasked with serving an array of virtually autonomous authorities scattered across the logistics landscape of that time.

My greatest pleasure at the event derived from sharing the platform with Joe Kubert and two sterling representatives of the U.S. Army Logistics Command (AMC), the overarching control element whose creation addressed the systemic springs from which many of the magazine’s early problems flowed. Both Lieutenant General Dennis L. Via, Deputy Commanding General of AMC, and Colonel Robert P. (Pat) Sullivan, who as the Commanding Officer of AMC’s Logistics Support Agency (LOGSA) is the immediate military commander of the PS program, voiced in ringing terms their enthusiasm for, and support of, PS Magazine.

It truly was a great day.


It was a thrill for me to be present at the warm reception given to Fitz, at the 60th Anniversary of PS, having been involved in the publishing business for most of my life. I really appreciated the wide swath and accomplishments of this man, who made it over some very, very rough roads and accomplished so much.



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The close-up below shows Fitz at the lectern during the big 60th Birthday Party for PS Magazine. To view his entire presentation at that significant event, just click HERE.

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