Monday, April 25, 2011

12 - Apeldoorn Sparks Buzz re Eisner Self-Portraits

Ger Apeldoorn, a longtime correspondent with a savvy eye and a massive mental database regarding comics, gave us a quick reaction to our BlogPost 10 regarding Will Eisner self-caricatures in PS, suggesting a most valid and logical source for Will's story-line derivation. Ger wrote:

I am sure this sequence was influenced by the popularity of the Carl Reiner/Mel Brooks 2000 Year Old Man routine, which was brought out on record in 1961. How close to that date was this story?

The Continuity under discussion appeared in PS 177 (August 1967). After allowing for four-to-five years of permutations and a Grammy nomination, the Reiner-Brooks turn would have been ripe for an Eisner parody.

Apeldoorn is a Dutch television writer, who for a number of years has addressed comics and television for publications in Holland and the United

States. His blog, The Fabulous Fifties, has a significant following. He provided valuable observations and suggestions during the planning stages, earlier in this century, of my book, Will Eisner and PS Magazine.

If we left you with the impression that the PS 177 Eisner self-portraits were the only such examples to have appeared in PS, there is one significant addition that should be brought to light. In fact, it appears here, above, for the first time, in its full four-color format. It was done by Eisner and presented to the PS staff in 2001 in connection with the magazine's Fiftieth Anniversary, but not intended for publication.

It appeared as part of a two-color design, below, on the Inside Back Cover of PS 628 (March 2005) after Will's death two months earlier, shortly after the first of that year.



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